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Coral Rise

Coral RiseCoral Rise


island realm

Loot drops

Fighter's BindingsFighter's BindingsSoul FistsSoul FistsDark KatanaDark KatanaMaulersMaulersSponge StrikerSponge StrikerMaster's KatanaMaster's KatanaAuto CrossbowAuto CrossbowButterfly CrossbowButterfly CrossbowBubble BursterBubble BursterNimble Turtle ArmorNimble Turtle ArmorCoral BladeCoral BladeGauntletsGauntletsKatanaKatanaBubble BowBubble BowRapid CrossbowRapid CrossbowGuard's ArmorGuard's ArmorTurtle ArmorTurtle ArmorSatchel of ElixirsSatchel of ElixirsEye of the GuardianEye of the GuardianHarpoon QuiverHarpoon Quiver
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