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Abyssal Monument

Abyssal MonumentAbyssal Monument


island realm

Loot drops

Encrusted AnchorEncrusted AnchorFrost ScytheFrost ScytheHammer of GravityHammer of GravityJailor's ScytheJailor's ScytheStormlanderStormlanderBaby CrossbowsBaby CrossbowsSpellbound CrossbowsSpellbound CrossbowsNautical CrossbowNautical CrossbowBubble BursterBubble BursterGlow Squid ArmorGlow Squid ArmorSplendid RobeSplendid RobeHero's ArmorHero's ArmorAnchorAnchorGreat HammerGreat HammerSoul ScytheSoul ScytheBubble BowBubble BowDual CrossbowsDual CrossbowsHarpoon CrossbowHarpoon CrossbowBattle RobeBattle RobeChampion's ArmorChampion's ArmorSquid ArmorSquid ArmorEye of the GuardianEye of the GuardianHarpoon QuiverHarpoon QuiverSatchel of SnacksSatchel of SnacksGong of WeakeningGong of Weakening
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